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Corn Fiber Innohealth

Corn Fiber

Corn fiber is made from the hull of the corn grain and is converted into a highly functional dietary fiber into your product. The fiber has superior water holding capacity than any other ingredients which can help lower our client's manufacturing cost while maintaining the same quality of the product. Our corn fiber is natural and contains no artificial additives nor preservatives. 

We supply our clients with high quality natural corn fiber that helps lower your cost while providing healthy nutritional benefits to your final product. With its extreme water holding capacity, the corn fiber can:
- Replace fat with healthy fiber without effecting the taste
- Clean Label, replace unnatural ingredients
- Emlusion stabilizer
- Reduce Crystallization
- Improves product mouthfeel
- Increase shelf life

- Baked goods
- Processed meat
- Sauces
- Frozen products
- Dairy products