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Raw Materials Innohealth

Raw Materials

At Innohealth, all our suppliers and raw materials are carefully assessed and inspected to make sure it meets our standards of good quality. This in return, ensures that our clients will have highest quality of materials in their final products allowing them to be one step ahead of their competitors. Our raw materials are natural ingredients which allows wide range of applications with no limit on usage amount.

 Malt Extract

At Innohealth, we provide our clients high quality Malt extract that can be used in numerous products. Our Malt extract contains no artificial additives and preservatives. It is rich in Vitamin E, Vitamin B, and variety of minerals. Malt extract helps improves the taste and aroma of your final product.


Chocolate Chips

The chocolate chips are manufactured from raw materials of pure cocoa butter. It is capable of withstanding high baking temperatures meaning it can be used in numerous baking products and still keeping its original form. Our chocolate chips is known to have a noticeable rich creamy taste and fragrance.

Button Shaped Chocolate / Chocolate Bar Mold

Our button shaped and bar mold chocolate are perfect coatings for your products because once melted, it presents a rich smooth chocolate texture and flavor.  The chocolates can be shaped into button size or large blocks depending on your processing techniques.

Cocoa Powder

Our cocoa powder are extracted from high quality cocoa beans. The processing steps : Filtering for impurities > Roasting > Removal of shells (cocoa nibs) > Grinding (cocoa liquor) > Pressing (cocoa butter) > Extraction (cocoa cake) > Fine Grinding (cocoa powder). Our cocoa powder are pure in flavor with no impurities nor over-roasted taste.

 Yeast Extract

We specialize in providing our clients unique natural yeast ingredients. Our ingredients contains no artificial flavors, colours, or chemical additives. Our yeast extracts have wide variety of applications from sweet to savoury products. FSSC22000/GMA SAFE, Kosher, Halal certified.