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Functional Flavor Technologies Innohealth

Functional Flavor Technologies

We are committed to providing you new innovative flavor technologies which will allow you to be ahead of your competitors and meet the increasing needs of the market. Our Research and Development department are always exploring and engineering new functional flavors to provide unique characteristics and high quality taste experience to your final product.

Flavor Enhancement & Flavor Masking

To meet our market's demand, we offer flavor technologies that allows enhancement or masking off certain flavors while providing consumers with the high quality taste experience.

Flavor Enhancement

Flavor enhancer increases and stimulates food flavor and mouthfeel in your product. An example would be our sweetness enhancers which is a combination of several unique ingredients that adds sweetness perception. We offer a wide range of enhancements that is suitable for many applications.

Sweetness Enhancer Enhances sweetness taste and flavor without increasing calories in the final product
Dairy Enhancer Enhances the natural dairy flavor and aroma of the product
Savory Enhancer Allows reduction of salt and sodium while maintaining the same taste experience
Umami Enhancer Enhances the original flavor of fresh ingredients while reducing the use of MSG
Dairy Mouthfeel Enhancer Enhances the mouthfeel of dairy flavored products

Flavor Masking

Our flavor masking helps cover unwanted taste or mouthfeel in a product. This will give your final product unique characteristics with high quality taste experience.

Sour Masking Agent

Masking sourness and reducing the acidity mouth feel in a product while maintaining the same pH level

Bitterness Masking Agent

Masking bitterness in the final product

Sodium Masking Agent

​Most commonly used in sport drinks, dairy and other beverage products

Stevia Masking Agent

Masking the unwanted bitterness of Stevia extract

GE Flavor Form

We offer new innovative GE form flavors. Regular spray-dry flavors are sprayed evenly over a carrier but loses its characteristics after a certain time due to exposure of oxygen and moisture.

With our GE form, it uses a special technology where the flavors are inserted into the carriers which prevents loss in flavors and able to extend shelf life due to minimal exposure to oxygen and moisture. The GE form is a new functional flavor that can be used in wide variety of soluble products.