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At Innohealth, we strive to exceed customers expectations by providing a full range of innovative products including functional probiotics. We are one of the main distributor for Glac Biotech Co. who specializes in manufacturing probiotics in Taiwan.


Glac Biotech Co. has over decades of research experience on probiotic applications in Taiwan. Currently the company is fully dedicated on researching and developing different strains, building the platform for function screening, and upgrade mass production ability for strains.
We are currently specializing in functional probiotics that can be applied to your product. The usage of these probiotics can be for food fermentation or adding additional health benefits to your final products. These health benefits include:
1.       Produces Lactase
2.       Intestinal health benefits
3.       Increases immune response
4.       Decreases frequency of vaginal yeast infections
Our experienced team are always striving to discover new innovative products to ensure our customers achieve exception growth for their businesses.
Please contact us for specific request or details on our probiotics.