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Import Flavors

Innohealth specializes in importing flavors and or fragrances from around the world. Providing you the most variety and unique flavors that will allow your business excel in the highly competitive market.

Applications and Development Expertise

Our professional staff of experienced flavorists and application technologists is at your service to work proactively to add value to your product range. We are here to assist you every step from application usages, compliance support, and to developing your new product that will appeal to today's consumers.

Customized Flavor Development

At Innohealth, we are an organization driven by passionate, talented, and experienced team who will work diligently and with great determination to deliver what our customers require. We offer a full range of traditional flavors, but our R&D team are also flavor innovators, specializing in creating unique customized flavors based on your request and the market demand. Our company takes great pride in our team and is confident to help you achieve your development goals.